We The Pets

“The painting is amazing! It is fun and beautiful, and it perfectly captures Bartleby’s personality in a way that is hard to describe. My family and I love it!”—Stephen

“I remember when Vina painted this picture of Oliver. Not only did she capture him in his favorite position–lounging–she captured him in his favorite spot at my mom’s apartment. Vina was able to see the very essence of Oliver and paint his personality clearly.”—Niña

“Vina’s portrait of our dachshund, Parker, is such joy to have hanging in our home. Every time friends and family visit, they always comment on how nice it turned out! Vina captured Parker’s spirit perfectly. Inspired from a photograph that was taken when we introduced Parker to our friends when she was a puppy, it’s a reminder of a special day and our special pup. Our Parker portrait is something we will always treasure.”—Kyle and Tyson