About the Artist

Artist Headshot BW_by Rhea Fortes Manalo Vina Orden is a working artist, writer, and immigrants’ rights and social justice advocate. She is a member of the We Make America (WMA) artist/activist collective that creates thought-provoking objects, images, and actions, and strives to inspire and empower people to be critical thinkers and to engage as active participants in democracy. Her work has been exhibited at Areté Venue and Gallery (“The Art of Protest,” 2018), Miranda Kuo Gallery (“Stop The Killings: A Pop-Up Exhibition on Against the Duterte Fascist Regime,” 2018), and Pratt Institute (“We Make America,” 2018) in New York City, as well as in a traveling exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Millennium Park in Chicago, and the Whitney Museum of American Art (“The Sketchbook Project 2016 Tour”). She also is Founder and Chief Creative Provocateur of hyffeinated, an online publication exploring the personal as political, specifically the experience of hyphenated American identities. Orden was born in Baguio City, Philippines, and at thirteen years old, immigrated to New York City, where she currently lives and works.

(Artist’s photo by New South Wales photographer, Rhea Fortes Manalo)